Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Learning to Relax

I'm pretty certain that any of you who read my blog and saw my pictures earlier this week are laughing at the title of this post. "Relax? You've got to be kidding me! Have you seen her sewing room?!!!"

I know, it's a disgrace. But I didn't publish that picture for me, I published it for YOU. Don't you feel MUCH better about your personal sewing area after seeing what chaos prevailed in mine?

I was asked, "What are those boxes for?" Well...when good quilt-shipping boxes come along, you've just got to grab them, even if you're not going to be shipping for a while. One held the BOTV ribbons, another held a friend's car part. They are now stashed in the closet, since I was able to clear a path to get to the closet.

I know. I'm pathetic.

I'm adjusting from quilt show mode, despite numerous tasks that still need to be accomplished. I'm trying to remember how to slow down and relax, rather than be on the alert for any issues that need instant decision-making abilities.

I thought you might enjoy seeing my inspiration...

You knew it was going to be cats, didn't you? Edgar is SO glad that Charlie is back to normal. Charlie is glad too. Have you ever seen more loving brothers? In the cat family? I've never seen two who love and enjoy each other this much. It does my heart good.

Another thing that does me good is picking up a needle and thread. I've appliqued my little boy onto the block, and I've given him hair. I think he looks pretty cute, and I don't think his face needs features. That would just mess him up.

There are supposed to be sheep in the background, and I spent an hour yesterday working on one. But, it didn't look sheepish at all, so I'm going to have to come up with another idea. Today is only the 28th, and there are 30 days in April...

I suspect that I won't finish this Step, since I have so many other things that are clamoring for my attention. But just getting the boy on the background was HUGE. I'd been stressing about the hair from the time I made him, and the hair is just not that bad. He's cute enough that I know this block/mini-quilt will never go back to the abandoned pile. And that's what the 12-Step Program is all about, right? We're pulling out an abandoned project (or an intimidating project, or one that has us stymied) and taking a month to make a bit of progress. Yay for us, for proactively dealing with our UFO's.

I do have to apologize for allowing my brain to take a "blog vacation" as it was actively working on the quilt show. I finally started writing down those of you who have already finished your April Steps, but the list seems short. I've got Brenda and Pat and Kristin. Did anyone else declare an April Step and finish it? You've got two more days...be sure to let me know, so I can put a little reward in the mail for you on Friday...

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