Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A New Blog!!

For months now we've been working to put together the 14th Annual Best of the Valley Quilt Show. There are all kinds of details to see to, some are critical, some are simply desirable. One of the things that I REALLY wanted was to have a blog linked to our BOTV website. That wish is now a reality.

My plan has been to make the latest details of the show available to anyone who visits our website. Just think: the show is right around the corner. What kind of details might I post? Maybe pictures from quilt acceptance day? Or behind the scenes of judging? Or? I know we'll be busy as bees, and maybe my plan for updates will not become reality. But goals are good, and the first step of that goal makes its debut with the BOTV blog.

Stop by and say hi, and hopefully I'll be diligent about posting!

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Crazy Creek Quilts said...

Your new blog looks great!