Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not Upside-down, But Sideways

Golly gee, my pictures had been loading so well lately. I'd almost forgotten the aggravation of finding them displayed sideways. Maybe it's an early Easter gift from Blogger. grr.

Last night we had some crazy pouring rain. Edgar loved it. He jumps and tries to catch the raindrops. He can be entertained for hours. I let him in briefly, but he was so wet I rubbed him with a towel then tossed him back outside. Charlie took a nap.

Most of the quilt show tasks are taken care of, and I spent this morning putting some finishing touches on a few cards. The pictures aren't great - it's still overcast - but they give you the general idea...even if some of them are sideways...

The hand gives you the size - these are all approximately 5" x 7."

Don't you love the little orchids? I do....I picked up the little mola at a quilt show years ago...

It's hard to see the beading on this one. Maybe if you click on it, the details will be more visible?

This one is pretty clear. (I was relieved to see orange blossoms still on the trees after last night's storm.)

And finally, this one has the Message of Easter, loud and clear. Too bad the beading didn't catch the light. In reality, it's one of the boldest of the group...

That is all...Back to work!!

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