Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hoffman Challenge - 2009

I've told you how much I dislike this year's challenge fabric. No sense in continuing to beat that dead horse. Instead, it's time to deal with it.

The way I deal best with ugly fabric is to cut it into tiny pieces. Okay, so maybe I could have gone smaller, but I didn't. These 9-patch blocks measure 3.5", unfinished.

I'm looking at an approximately 27" square wallhanging. The background is almost done. I've drawn my pattern and need to prepare the applique.

I guess I'm in it again this year. I'm having more success working on this than I am with my handquilting. I've discovered that I'm not seeing very well, and even the progressive lenses aren't helping with the handquilting. I guess it's time to look into one of those well-lit magnifying lenses...

In the meantime, quilt on! Oops! I'm late. I need to be somewhere in 5 minutes. Gotta zoom!

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