Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inching Forward

I've made some progress, and I'm probably the only one who can see it.

Yesterday I pulled almost everything out of the closet, then set to work culling and rearranging. Here is what the top shelves now look like.

All of these empty boxes, which used to sit on the floor, are now up on the top shelf. I can actually put my extra sewing machine in the closet, instead of the middle of the room. Yay!!!

When I back up, this is what I see. The corner is now clear, but the mess is on the floor instead of on the shelves.

And this is what you see from the doorway. It's bad, but it really is an improvement over yesterday. See? I spy carpet!

Finally, I was shocked to discover that I still had all of this fabric from my friend's stash. Every one of these containers holds Julie's fabric. It's time to let it go and share with others who knew and loved her, and still others, who will be able to turn her stash into something beautiful. I've had my chance, and have fallen short.

And on that, I'm off to sew with the Itty Bitties. But I'll be back this afternoon, and hopefully I can report more progress in the morning. Goals are good.

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