Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Card

The mailman just paid a visit and brought another birthday card. This one is made by Jan Krentz. Thank you, Jan! I love it! :)

I continue to clear things out of the room. Want to monitor my progress? Probably not, but I'll share it anyway...

I see carpet, lots of carpet...

I continue to marvel at my clutter, but the piles are definitely reducing. See that basket in the middle of the floor? It's contents are free to anyone who wants them...

Outside, the cats are chillin'. The rain hasn't started yet...(when I went to get the camera, Edgar was sprawled on the middle tier.)

I stopped by OSH, to pick up paint samples. I brought home a number of browns, and one deep green aqua. hmmm. The aqua is too much, but it was fun to fantasize for a moment.

Here are the two chips I like best, next to the window. I know it's blurry and there is glare. But that's what it looks like from that direction. I'm looking at the darker choice, of each sample.

This is "bellows"...
This is "nutwood," (again, I'm looking at the darker choice).

This is "bellows,"

This is "nutwood."

The funny thing about "bellows," is that I'd gotten this sample thinking that I wanted the color below it. (That would be "roos mousse.")

Today, the winner is "bellows." I told my daughter that I wanted "hot chocolate with a lot of milk mixed in." "Bellows" has more milk than I envisioned, but it gives me both enough color to satisfy my color craving and enough subtlety to not overpower me. That's quite a feat. I'm thinking I'll do two walls in "sandbar" (a shade off white) and two in "bellows." Ordinarily I'd only do one, but that one (with the window) has so much glare, I don't want to waste it...

Now, back to work.

P.S. If it only looks like chocolate is it still fattening?

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