Thursday, June 18, 2009

No More Hurry, Just "Hurry Up and Wait"


I spoke with the carpenter this morning. He has barely begun cutting cabinet doors, and he has done nothing in the way of progress in building my cabinetry. His time line continues at a steady "one to one and a half weeks." Some things never change, his estimate is one of them. I am NOT happy.

I am unable to budge the hutch. I guess one of the "good" parts of this continued delay is that one of my boys will be home in 10 days. He can move the hutch at that time. The additional time also means that I can repaint the walls with semi-gloss enamel, if I'm so inclined. (I did mention that I thought I had semi-gloss enamel and instead I painted with satin, right?)

I spent a little over an hour at the dentist this morning. That's usually one of my least favorite places to be. Today was completely different. He numbed me in one shot (a true modern day miracle), and by the time my hour was up, he had my new crown in the milling machine, being cut from a block of porcelain. It was FASCINATING! I even told him it was worth the price of admission, then I asked him where he parked his spaceship. (Previous dental encounters have involved at least 1/2 dozen shots and then 3 weeks of waiting for the crown to be crafted out of town.) He just laughed. I think he's 1/4 dentist and 3/4 engineer...

So. Between my ordeals with the dentist and the carpenter, I was seeking something of beauty. It was waiting for me, right outside my front door. Can you see it?

These pictures were taken through the window, before my camera died and demanded new batteries. (I just changed them last Friday! I guess I used my camera too much during graduation.)

I don't know what kind of hummingbird this is. He appeared to have a jet black head with a splash of red behind his cheek. What a treat!

And on that, I'm going to have to decide what I'm going to do about quilting. I have suddenly gone from a quilting diet to a quilt fast in the blink of an eye. I have no idea when I will be back in business, or even back to any machine work whatsoever.

What was I thinking when I jumped into sewing room overhaul? Why didn't someone shake me and tell I was crazy?! I guess Studios are for artists, not for me. sigh.

Maybe that phone call was all a bad dream, but I suspect it wasn't. big sigh. Now what am I going to do? I have no idea. Please bear with me as I attempt to regain my bearings.

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pb said...

STUDIO all in caps. Quit whinning and be assured that you are an artist. Have you looked at your masthead on the blog. I can't even begin to image making that. You will be glad when it is all back together and they say Rome was not built in a day right. Go swimming and wait for the right carpenter to call.