Friday, June 5, 2009

Out of Season

Crazy. We're having crazy weather. Snowstorms? In June? Crazy. Of course we are not personally experiencing snow, the snow is an hour away, but still. We're having March-type storms in June - our high today is expected to be 71. That's pushing it.

This was the view to the north, about 2 hours ago.

This is the view to the west. (Sorry about the blur.)

But not only is the weather unseasonable, I've got some confused plants as well. Back in March I discovered a huge bag of ranunculus bulbs that I'd forgotten to plant. I went ahead and planted them. The ranunculuses already in the ground were already blooming.

I didn't expect anything, but if you look closely, you can see a green bud in the center of the frame, just above the pink flowers.

On the opposite side of the yard, here's a June ranunculus, blooming in the midst of the coreopsis. Bloom baby, bloom! :)

Inside I continue to move things out. Really I do. Here's this morning's progress:

Things are off the wall, for the most part.

I keep trying to put things away, but then I get distracted.

I couldn't go another day without doing something with fabric. I've been missing my mom this week, so when I found this phototransfer that I'd made a couple of years ago, I decided to do something with it.

The fabric framing the photo was leftover from a dress she wore as a little girl. I think she was in high school when this picture was taken. If I could figure out the year, I'd quilt it next to her name.

But for today, I'm sewing on beads when I need a break from cleaning. Beading is definitely more fun.

Oh. And I've quilted on my Hoffman twice this week, so I might actually meet this month's Step goal. hip hip hurrah!!

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