Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Almost Ready...

The last of the fabric has been extricated from the soon-to-be Studio. (Again, notice that capital "S" in Studio!)

I need to remove the hutch and paint behind it. Sorry about the blur, for some reason the flash won't work. Must be the new batteries. >:(

I also need to remove the sewing table, but I'm finding it to be a convenient catch-all for paint accessories. Notice that I had to dig out the ironing board and use it today. I didn't use it for anything fun. sigh.

When I emptied the hutch, I found that I could not put one more thing into the Sewing Annex. It is stuffed.

I had to open a Second Sewing Annex. groan. In a moment of brilliance, I stumbled over a suitcase. Hey!! It's tough to see, but these four suitcases are filled with fabric from the hutch.

The rest of the hutch stash is on the bed.

Can anyone explain to me exactly WHY I was looking on eBay AND etsy for a particular goldfish fabric this morning? Surely I must have SOMETHING that would work in its place!!

On a lighter note, this picture is for Gwen and Matt.

Matt, I am so honored that you read my blog! If you're looking for pictures of cats, I'm more than willing to post them. (from L to R: Hecate, Charlie, and Edgar) Malcolm is in the house, being a pill.

OH! I almost forgot!!

I have a message on my answering machine from the carpenter. I tried calling him back, but he didn't answer his phone. Are the cabinets done? Are they? huh? huh? Are they done? Are they done?

If they are, I'd better get that hutch away from the wall and paint behind it.

Which reminds me. I was TOTALLY BUMMED this morning, when I realized that the white (sandbar) paint that I used wasn't semi-gloss. It's satin. The brown is semi-gloss, doggone. oh well, I guess I wouldn't want a shiny ceiling, and the design wall and new cabinetry should cover MOST of the offending dull white walls...


It's always something...

I want to be done with this!

Which reminds me...I haven't gotten around to ordering a new set of mini-blinds. arg! Tomorrow is another day...

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