Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still Painting...

Strangely this picture reminds me of the Cheshire Cat - sans teeth. Maybe it's just the cat who swallowed the canary. On Sunday, I had 3 strapping young lads in the house, and I talked them into moving that hutch for me. woohoo! I can finish painting.

Yeah, painting. It sounds easy, but there's always prep, even if I just painted last week. First I had to wash the wall that had been covered by the furniture, then it was time to tape.

Once that's done, it really is time to paint. With only 2 walls without cutouts (no windows, no doors), it actually went pretty quickly. Before I knew it, I was to the end of the second wall. Better snap a picture. This isn't going to happen again any time soon.

And when we get to the last little bit, well, it's a bit difficult to tell what has been painted and what hasn't.

According to my afternoon light, the room is done. Tomorrow morning's sunshine might have different news for me, but I'm up for it.

On another note, I replaced a floor rug yesterday. Malcolm LOVES it. He's been flattening himself against it, perhaps thinking that I can't see him? Malcolm, it's not really camouflage. Your stripes are a bit smaller.

Maybe he just knew it was a great photo op...

uh oh. See that wooden floor? That's another project to add to the list for this summer. Must sand floor, stain and reseal.

But not today. I've done enough. ttfn!

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