Friday, June 19, 2009

Things To Make Me Smile

Yesterday was a tough day. I can't believe how disappointed I was by the update from my carpenter. I'm no longer certain that he's going to build my cabinetry. Even though he said the words, he didn't sound convincing. I'm not even sure he believed himself as he said them.

Today I was stuck at home for hours, waiting for the roofers to come by and give estimates.

Yes folks, this is how we celebrate another college graduation: we've exchanged tuition payments for home improvement/restoration. If you want to know my opinion, paying tuition is easier. The kids know/knew what we expect/ed, and they never fail/ed to deliver. Independent contractors are a whole other story.

Some of them are good, some are not so good. I got a call today from a GOOD one. ohmygosh!!

Several months ago I'd talked to Mel about building a CHERRY (yes, it's REAL wood!!) display case for my quilts. I've grown weary of the stack of quilts wrapped in sheets, tossed in the corner of the room. They need to be out in a place where they can be seen. (It is finished with polyurethane, to protect the fabric from wood oils.)

He looked at the cabinets I currently use to store my stash (the parts that aren't in bins), and then designed this GORGEOUS piece of furniture. I can hardly believe it is real. He (and Pat) delivered it today. I can't believe he made it for me! It is a dream come true. His timing was perfect, and I am blessed beyond belief.

This was where I was planning to put it, but I'm thinking that it would be better to move it to the entry and move that bench (that you can just see the edge of) onto the carpet. or not. For now I'm happy just to sit and look at it. I'm not ready to fill it with quilts. It is beautiful just as it is. I LOVE it!!!

The next thing that makes me smile is that I actually got the blinds up this evening. Yesterday's attempt to hang them was a nightmare. Today I bought shorter screws and a phillips head screwdriver. They made the task MUCH easier. Tomorrow I will shorten the blind, it's about 12" too long. I'm too tired to do it right now, I might make a mistake.

Did you see the other thing that makes me smile? I couldn't take it any longer. I HAD to sew SOMETHING. It didn't matter what it was, as long as it was sewing. I grabbed a box of stray strips and started sewing them together randomly. It took less than 5 minutes to stop fretting about the things I was NOT accomplishing as I was waiting for the roofers to arrive. (Two out of three came - I guess #3 doesn't need the business?)

Finally, here is something else that makes me smile. These two don't look alike, but they are peas in a pod. Naptime (a daily 7-8 hour ordeal) finally ended and they want out. They come to the slider and wait patiently to be noticed.

Come on, Mom, PLEASE let us out! There's so much to do out there.

Can you see from this picture? They barely got past the doormat before they plopped down to survey their domain.

Guys? Guys? Can I get your picture?

I have the feeling they are sick and tired of the paparazzi.

And that's it for today. I hope I made you smile as well! Now it's off to do some hand quilting. (I got in another 3 hours yesterday. I'm actually making visible progress.)


pb said...

The "Good" Carpenter would probably consider making a studio when he gets back if the other one does not finish the job.

pb said...

Hey can you send Mel that picture. It is better than the one he took.