Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Work and Play

I continue to work on the sewing room. Hmmm. I accidentally uploaded this picture, I think it was taken last week:

Here is the same view this morning:

Yesterday I noticed that the window sill had multiple water rings across the entire length. Hmmm. Since I'm fixing this room, I ought to fix it all the way. Unfortunately I immediately picked up the sandpaper, rather than my camera.

Here's a shot of a different window sill, you can see the obvious water damage. (This was waxed on Saturday.)

Here's what my "new, improved" window sill looks like. I stained it a different color, and have applied one coat of polyurethane. When I'm done here, I'll add the second coat.

It's so pretty, I think you need to see it from another angle. ooh. aah. :)

Last night our little Art Group met. I forgot to pull out my camera when I got there: Pat & Mel treated us to a spectacular feast.

Afterwards, we moved indoors for some show and tell. This picture shows a portion of the group, along with Mel in the background. He not only literally manned the grill, he cleaned up the dishes afterwards. Pat is holding her quilt top.

Here's a better view of Pat's top. See those circles? Inserting them into the top was her May Step. Don't they look great?!!

I only took one other picture during the evening. This quilt needed to be shared. I had to crop the photo, since the quilt's maker didn't want to be recognized if I posted her on the web. But you HAD to see the way she held the quilt. It was a hoot! The bikini top is made of stacked yoyos, in purple and red. Unfortunately you can't see the beaded "grass" skirt extending from the yellow waistband. Her intent was to invoke images of floating in water. What do you think? Was she successful?

Okay, that's enough fun. It's back to work with me. Enjoy your day!!

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pb said...

who said that quilting was for old ladies. The yoyo quilt was the hit of the evening.