Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ahhh...All Finished

Well that was peculiar. I hit "enter" by mistake and it published the blog. It was solely a title. I could tell you that I did it on purpose, to whet your appetite, but I would be lying. It was an accident.

I left for guild this morning, at 9am. This was what the roof looked like at that time:

Our speaker was Debbie Van Fossen, a local quilter who has been quilting for 8 years and won Best of Show at the County Fair at least 6 or 7 times in the 8 years she's been quilting. To say that the woman is talented and dedicated would be an understatement. She declares (admits) an addiction to quilting. wow. If I could produce such quality, I would stand in line for the same addiction. oh wait. Never mind. ;)

This photo does not do her quilts justice. They are covered with "bling." Here you can see Leslie looking a bit closer at the detail. (That's one reason not to hold quilts - you don't get to see the whole effect. ;)

When I got home, the roof looked like this:

An hour later, it was proclaimed to be finished. Here is the backside.

A close-up shows you (sort of) the solar attic fan at the peak, hiding behind the a/c.

The front looks terrific. yay. The best part? No more porta-potty. It was beginning to have an odor. Need I say more? ;)

I mentioned quilting a baby quilt yesterday. Here's my attempt at a self-portrait. oops. I can't seem to get myself entirely in the shot.

Here's my usual shot of the quilt. The binding is halfway tacked. I'll finish the rest in a bit.

I'm making visible progress on my Hoffman Challenge and might actually finish a second corner this evening. Goals are good. Without them, I wouldn't get anything done.

Still no word from the carpenter. That wait continues...

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