Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finished One But Not The Other

Well, I finished the Uncle Sam quilt in time to deliver it tonight at the Open House. yay. One more thing to cross off my list, and it was a UFO to boot! woohoo!

It feels good to have actually been quilting for a few days. I've missed it. Then again, quilting on the machine means I wasn't doing it by hand. I've got a lot more hand quilting in my future, that's for sure!!

As for my June Step, I didn't finish that one either. Apparently I'm all talk but not enough action when it comes to actually moving forward on my quilting goals. But I did see to it that our quilt show website has been updated with pictures of the winning quilts from our April show. If you'd like to check the winner's list, click here. The quilts are BEAUTIFUL.

And that's all I've got time for right now. Perhaps July will be more productive? I certainly hope so!!

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pb said...

did not finish June's goal's. Darn it. July is to make two table runners and finish the asian top and back. Not possible probably. But I do intend to sew, sew when I get home. Off to find a quilt store today.