Monday, July 27, 2009

Moving In!!!

I can't believe it. I need to keep pinching myself. The carpenter has finished my dream studio and it's time to move in. I am pleased to say that I've moved all of the fabric from one room into the studio, and yes, indeed, it IS a studio! Some of the fabric is still stacked on the table, but much of it has been artfully arranged in the glass stash storage. woohoo! It takes my breath away.

I'm not going to give you much in the way of a visual progress report at this point, other than to show you a few pictures to share what lies ahead of me.

Charlie approves of the new table, as do I. I can't wait to sit at it and begin creating wondrous quilted creations.
I'm going to keep my paperwork and business records in this bottom area. The boxes are FILLED with quilt photographs, all organized by either timeline or category or both. The binders hold slides, appraisals, articles that I've written, etc.

Last night I moved some of my green fabric into the Studio. I've completely filled these two shelves, along with a third. I think all of my green fabrics are present and accounted for, but I still have all of those bins in the Annex to think about. hmmm. I may think about them tomorrow. :)

While I puttered yesterday, Pete went to war. Here is his armory. His lawn has *gasp* a fungus.

Here is the most offensive fungus patch. He's often chuckled that people see fungus, think the lawn is dying, and water it more. More water means more fungus. He continues his watering schedule (3x week) and applies fungicide. Repeatedly.

Here he is, in action. I didn't want to disturb him, so I took the picture through the window. He gets into a rhythm, and almost goes into a trance-like state. I'm certain he finds it very soothing. (He's walking backwards around the lawn.)

Finally, as I was unloading the photos from my camera, I found this one of Jeff & Allison hiding in the middle of my photos from Germany. The lighting isn't the best, but it captures both of their smiles at the same time. Happy, happy couple. big smile.

And I guess that's enough procrastination. I'm going to grab a bite to eat, then get back to work. My goal is to be sewing by morning. Be still my pounding heart!!!

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