Tuesday, July 7, 2009

pound, pound, pound, bang, bang, bang

Yes, folks, those are the sounds I have been listening to all day. It started with the drag, THUD of plywood on the roof at 6am. Here it is, 4pm, and they are still going strong. I think they are taking advantage of the 92 degree weather (it should be over 100!) and trying to get all of the plywood attached today. It's quite the challenge, that's for sure! Oh wait. They just now stopped. It's so quiet my ears hurt. ;)

When they left yesterday, this was the view out my "sewing room" window:

As you can see, there's a LOT of plywood...and a very scenic porta-potty.

This morning I took my son to breakfast. By 8am, it already looked like this:

See the extended truck bed, lifting the plywood to roof level? Look how many sheets they'd already laid. These guys are PROFESSIONALS! :)

Inside my sewing room, it looks lonely and abandoned:

All that space, and no quilting going on. What a waste!

I decided to try out a tote bag pattern that I bought last year. It was NOT fun to assemble, and I found the directions to be pretty confusing.

I started yesterday, and here's how far I was by lunchtime today:

A few hours later, and I was just about finished.

I think this photo has more accurate colors. My sister gave me these Marimekko fabrics for my birthday a few years ago. It was high time that I did something with them. I might just take this with me to Long Beach in a few weeks. I'll be stylin'! :)

Here's an interior view. Blogger flipped the pic, but it gives you an idea of the inside pockets.

I still have a couple of finishing touches to take care of. I need a cardboard base covered with fabric for the bottom, and the pattern shows buttons sewn on every intersection. I haven't decided whether or not to do that, but it does look pretty cute. And it's not THAT tough to do buttons.

I should go back to working on my Hoffman. I took the night off last night so that my fingers could heal. Tonight I'm ready and raring to go. My thread order should arrive some time tomorrow. Yay. I hope it's a color that blends well!!!

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