Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So Tired

I've been working all day and thought I'd show you my progress before I put my feet up. My actual plan is to wash my hair. I'm considering doing some hand-quilting while I veg for the remainder of the evening, but I suspect I may just wash my hair and put my feet up. I'm pooped.

I've moved more of my quilts out to Mel's cabinet. Don't they look great?

Actually I think I need to pull out the navy blue quilt on the bottom shelf. It's the only one with a wool batt, and it doesn't seem to like to be folded into such a small space. I have a glass storage "box" (end table) that is full of quilts, so it might be happier in there. I'll check it out on another day.

I found that I have a lot of batting. It doesn't all fit in the hidey-hole under my sewing table. oops. I need to start quilting more!

I've been busy. Not only have I been filling the new stash cabinet, but I've been emptying Rubbermaid bins. yay! Double yay!

The stash cabinet is just about full. I had to stop when I realized I'd just shoved 3 stacks of unsorted fabric into empty spaces "because it fit." bad quilter! Behavior like that will send me back to where I began!!

I put large pieces of yardage on the bottom shelves. I purchased them specifically for backings, yet when it comes time to back quilts, these pieces have been in a large bin in the very back of the closet under too many things to ever pull them out and use. Kind of defeats the purpose of having them, doesn't it? Hopefully this will be a quick and easy way to use this yardage. If I see it, I'll use it. Right? Right!

I've cleared out the room and am ready to quilt. I've got three days left on my self-awarded sabbatical, and I do hope to begin quilting my rafting quilt first thing tomorrow morning. Then again, that means I need to find the box that holds the green river thread - it's in the Annex, somewhere...

And here's the annex. Do you think I'll have any luck finding my thread? I think I'm a bit skeptical.

The sad thing about this picture is that it was taken AFTER I worked all day. All of these things still need to move into the Studio. Well, most of them. I've decided that the bin of Christmas fabrics, the bin of baby prints and the bin of solids have permission to remain shoved under the bed until further notice. shhh. Don't tell anyone. ;)

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I am so happy happy happy for you with your new studio. And I absolutely LOVE the fabric stash in the new glassed bookcases. What a perfect joy. May you have many blissful, colorful, creation hours in your new studio!