Monday, July 6, 2009

Something's Happening...

We've been talking about it for at least 5 years. Three years ago, we knew it was a necessity. We delayed and delayed, and could put it off no longer.

This is what our house looked like at 7am this morning.

Here is the same house by 10am. The guys were already on their lunch break.

They are quick and work at a steady pace, no doubt about it.

On a different note, I got a surprise email notifying me that I did indeed "win" one of the silent auction quilts on Saturday. I just returned home with my prize.

"Summer Daisy"
Charlotte Rogers 2009

Finally, I've been working my way through the CD from the Sacred Threads exhibit. Wow. If I ever wondered if it would be worth attending this show in person, this CD gives me no doubt about it. The quilts are powerful, especially as you examine them in conjunction with the Artists' Statements. It is amazing. Thank you to the sponsors for making the CD available. I find it to be quite a worthwhile investment!!

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