Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sorry It's Been So Long...

...but my power supply to my router died, and apparently it's an epidemic, and AT&T was sold out as were Best Buy and everyone else and I had to order it and it only just arrived and I've been having major withdrawals and I can't believe I'm finally back online!!!


Tomorrow I' m off to Long Beach, so I'll just give you some pictures for today.

In Alaska I got to sleep in Katie's fairy princess bower.

I spent time at the Botanical Gardens with Katie, Sharon, and Colleen.

The girls are quite adventurous.

Alaska knows how to bloom in summer!

We shared Tom & Sharon's 16th anniversary with them. Don't they look cute in their unintentionally matching shirts?

We visited with Norton

And Camper

And Bumpy

Andrew played with Tom's cool toys...

Have you ever seen a compressed air pogo stick? They can really bounce!

Some of us had an easier time mountain biking

than others...

(check out my foot - ew! horses!)

And there was canoeing on the Chena River...

And all too soon it was time to fly home. Here's a photo taken at 12:30am...

Thank you Tom, Sharon, Colleen & Katie for making our 4 days in Alaska something special!!!

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