Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All Better

Here it is: The culprit

Blogger doesn't like it either, judging by the tipping of my photo.

Yesterday I was incredibly frustrated, when I discovered that my new secret special project refused to square. I trimmed this edge and that edge, and nothing matched.

I laid awake last night, trying to problem solve. The only thing I came up with was that I needed to remove the two borders I'd added. harumpf.

This morning I spent about 5 hours at the computer. Three of those hours involved updating a mailing list. I am now in the "E's." It's better than still being in the "A's."

While I was typing, my brain must have been spinning, because by the time I could no longer type, I had a solution for my quilt.

Rather than slash this or that, I unsewed a single seam. Then, using Sharon Schamber's piecelique gluing method, I glued the two pieces back together. Once it dried, I sewed the seam and cut out the offending excess fabric.

Can you believe such a tiny amount of fabric could cause so much angst? I expected it to be at least 2" wide!

The other thing that was bothering me was the quilt's shaved dimensions. That's why I'd tried adding borders.

I took the borders off and removed the bottom piece. I cut a new one, adding another 1.5" Now it will meet the 40" x 40" (or larger) size requirement that I was looking for. yay!!!

So now I'm back to where I was on Saturday. I'm thrilled with my new piece, but not only that, it's SQUARE. Now I can baste and quilt it, without hesitation. woohoo! Goals are good!!!

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