Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy Bee

I wish I were a quilting bee, but not today. Today I am a worker bee, going back and forth and back and forth. I haven't been pollinating anything, I've been relocating little bits and pieces from there to here. On second thought, maybe I'm pollinating the Studio. ;)

The Annex is just about to lose its name, sort of a devolution thing. Tonight it will once again serve as a bedroom, when our youngest comes home for a couple of days. I've moved enough things out to actually vacuum, so you know I'm doing better than expected. (Every inch under the bed is filled with either fabric or Bible study paraphernalia. Don't look!)

I've been unhappy with the state of the Studio, as I try to find a place for everything. It sounds easy enough, "find a place for everything." Those five simple words could make a person tear her hair out!

But, as the hours tick by, I've found places for MOST of the things. I've still got things on the table for tonight's Art Quilt meeting, as well as a few odds and ends. I've hung two items on the wall, and already the room begins to feel cramped. But maybe it's not the things on the wall. Maybe it's the junk all over the design wall. (I pulled out some UFO's, thinking that maybe I could sew them together and get them out of here. nah, not today!) And if I could deliver those quilts on top of the cabinet, it would be nice and neat in that corner.

Here's the other angle, and you can see what I'm most proud of. I still see carpet, there's not a single Rubbermaid bin coming in contact with it. There are plenty of bins hidden around the room, but none are so brazen as to sit in the middle of the floor. yay!

On a completely different note, one of the promised pictures of the Big Fish arrived last week. Here is Pete with his 40" pike. I guess the 7 lb. trout is on a roll of real film, waiting to be developed.

yep. They both look pretty relaxed. Pete caught his fish, and the fish is just waiting for what comes next...release back into his lake.

I guess that's it for now. I've finished quilting the wedding quilt, and I've finished a for-hire baby quilt. I hope to spend tomorrow working on my August Step, but you never know. Goals are good!!!

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Nina-Marie said...

Wow~! Suzanne - the studio really looks like its taking shape. That fabric cabinet is amazing! I have mine in my 3rd floor loft while my sewing hole is on the first so I'm jealous that you have them altogether. I also use a big peg board to hang a lot of notions including rulers and stencils and such. I keep a small cabinet for my smaller notions.