Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Puttering

I had plans to work on my rafting quilt today, really I did. But I distracted myself with yesterday's actions. Focus, Suzanne, focus! One of these days I might get it.

Instead, I'd pulled a few things from my UFO box and pinned them on the design wall. I was a bit annoyed with myself for doing that, and I was going to unpin them and put the fabric away again. But I do that a lot. Pull it out, put it away. Pull it out, put it away. I decided that this is an unproductive use of time, and if I pull something out, I should at least complete a step before putting it away.


Yesterday I pulled out a hodge-podge 8-pointed star, done in tropical-ish colors. I'd also pulled out some blue/turquoise piecework, thinking I'd use it for borders around the star. But it washed out, turning very blahsville. A strip cut from the back of the color strip quilt was on the chair below it. hmmm. Maybe an accent? It's got hibiscus...but there was only enough to go around three sides.

Adam remarked that I have a "very cool assymetrical thing going on." I guess I'm an accidental artist. It's assymetrical because I didn't have a large enough strip. That's why the top strip is solid black. I had enough solid black to finish the frame.

But the black accent was perfect, and the blue/turquoise border now works. This little quiltlet reminds me of Tahiti, and I've already named it "Kitty Motu." I might just have to keep this one. It's definitely calling for some embellishment.

The other UFO I worked on was the group of 4 abandoned airplane blocks that were shown in the background of yesterday's post. I think I made them in 1991.

That solid greyed blue background is very difficult to match, and I'd pulled this wavy blue star print to go with it. It actually blends better than it looks in this picture.

I thought it might be fun to experiment with a squares-on-point border, but didn't expect it to fill my afternoon. I found out the hard way.

Here's what I ended up with.

If I turn it on point, I can make it into a usable baby quilt, rather than just a wallhanging.

There. The design wall looks MUCH better. It's still cluttered, but the clutter is somewhat organized. Now that the airplanes are together, I'm ready to take them down and put them aside for another day.

Tomorrow is another day, and I surely hope to work on my rafting quilt. NO DISTRACTIONS. oh wait. Another of the boys is coming home tonight. I might just be distracted. :) I'll just have to work all the more over the weekend while they are camping. Goals are good. :)

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pb said...

those are great blocks. I can see a baby boy quilt with the airplanes as a medallion piece. The quild in Dinuba is having their bi-annual quilt show this year. Went to the meeting and Pat cornered me about entering some quilts. This is work getting them together. I told her someone would have to pick them up. I am just rambling. Miss getting your dalies here at work.