Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kicking Myself

No pictures today, sorry about that. I'm working on a secret project, at least for now.

Our guild has a challenge, which is due in November. I haven't participated in years, but I had a sudden vision on Saturday of the perfect project. It just happens to coincide with Pete's birthday, which is next week. All we have to do is make a quilt with a circle. And my perfect project is also the perfect solution to yet another UFO.

I made a new top on Saturday. It was beautiful. I loved it. Then I tried to square it. arg!!!

I trimmed one side, then another. Then a third side - it won't square.

I finally put four cutting mats on the floor and laid it out.


I could make it lie flat on my flannel wall, but on the floor, it has a ghastly ripple. Shades of the "Splish Splash Fish Flash SLASH" quilt that I made years ago. I wonder if I can quilt it out? Or will I have to slash it and remove the excess fabric?

I thought I could at least square the top corner and add two borders. But the two borders are stunning and demand two more. Unfortunately I used a stripe and I cut it short, and it doesn't have that many repeats and if I'm going to put on four borders, I'm going to have to change the fabric, and....


How did such a simple project suddenly become a production?

It's probably because the last thing I have time for right now is yet another project. My August Step sits idle. My Side Step also sits idle. I'm heading to Colorado on Friday to the quilt show, and I haven't the free time I want to spend puttering in the Studio, problem solving.

sigh. It's all good. This is teaching me to prioritize, right? I certainly hope so!!!

And what's today's priority? To spend the first two hours working on our quilt show!!!

Goals are good, let's hope I accomplish something before Friday!!!

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