Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The List of Goodies

I logged off in such a hurry, I didn't have a chance to explain what you were looking at. I think I've spent too much time on this blog and that blog, and they're rubbing off on me. Crazy quilting? I've never wanted to do it. And yet here I sit, with a pile of things to drive me crazy. :)

First I've got...about 15 yards of fabric. So much for my fabric diet. It goes the same way as my food diet. Blown to smithereens. There is also an 8pack of skin-tone hand-dyes, and some clothesline to make those cool baskets. And buttons, and more buttons, and a book about French silk ribbon roses, and some French silk ribbon, and a book...charting crazy quilt stitches. hmmm. Interesting. :)

In this next picture, you see the rest of my treasures. They are resting on a half yard of rust-stained raw silk. There is a collection of silk ribbon and silk ribbon needles, and LOTS of beads made from various materials. Most of them are glass, but there are also shells and stone beads. There are hearts and stars and fish and bears...I see everything my heart desired. :)

whew. Now I feel better.

I spent the day binding a gift for my husband. I had the grand idea of entering it in PIQF, if I could get it finished, photographed and postmarked today. I finished the binding at 4pm, and it looks like ... well, it looks REALLY bad. It's the worst binding I've ever done, without exaggeration. When I squared the quilt I lost the extra batting around the edge, and quilted edges are unforgiving when I wrap binding around them. I need to take it off and do it again tomorrow. I am not happy.

I decided that I could still enter it in the show, and fix it before sending it in. Best laid plans and all that. The CD burner is uncooperative. After ruining 3 CD's I decided it was a sign. It was 4:30, and I still had 3 boxes that needed to get to the post office, with or without an entry form for PIQF.

And so, I will have no quilt in the show. Again. I feel like I'm losing my grip on the show world, as I continue to have nothing to offer. It could be depressing, if I thought about it for very long.

So instead, I'll think about our show. The phone keeps ringing with inquiries, and they're all good. Some are better than good. Some are fantastic! :)

And on that note, I'll sign off. Tomorrow, if I can fix the binding, I might just share a picture of Pete's birthday gift. Stay tuned.


Nina-Marie said...

Something that I've come to realize about entering shows is that I need to rule them - not let them rule me. If I'm going to enter competitions then I need to make it a goal and take my time to finish up early. I finished for sacred threads with 4 hours to spare and I said never again. It was nerve wrecking!

Lisa said...

I love that you are succumbing to the crazy quilting bug! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!