Friday, August 7, 2009


whoop whoop whoop.

Sorry about that. I had a bit of an excitement interlude. My effort-intensive Hoffman Challenge quilt was selected to travel. yay!! I was truly worried this year. I wasn't sure the quilt had what it takes, but it had just enough. yay!!

I've scanned the list and see names of several friends: Kristin Eilers, Lisa Ellis, Sharon Schlotzhauer, Karen Taber. Yay for all of us! And you want to know the really cool thing? Kristin's, Sharon's, Karen's and my quilt are ALL in Quilt Collection A. They'll be traveling together. The only "bummer" (if it can be said there is any bummer associated with being included) is that Best of the Valley is scheduled to display Quilt Collection B. Oh well, we can't have it all, can we?

For a complete list of the traveling items, click here.

I guess my most exciting news regarding the Hoffman is that I'm headed to Loveland, CO in August, to the debut showing/unveiling of the 2009 traveling collection. I've got my reservations, both for my flight and hotel, and now I know I'll get some pictures of my finished quilt. yay!!

If anyone would like me to take a picture of their quilt, just let me know. Lisa? Will you be in CO? Or would you like me to snap some images for you?


This is some exciting news on an otherwise ordinary day. yay!

Now I think I need to go do a little happy dance. I'll be back later. ;)


Nina-Marie said...

Congrats!! Color me pink with happiness for you!! Very exciting! It makes me want to try next year.

Anonymous said...