Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Much...

Today has been filled with quilting for hire. I took a break to wash this quilt. Today it's 98, we're told that tomorrow will be 78. yikes! I've run out of quilt-washing days, but I haven't run out of quilts!

You know how we all buy tickets to win opportunity quilts? Some people actually do win them. I did, back in 2002. I love this quilt, but I will no longer put it on the bed. One side of the quilt is becoming discolored, because one of us is a space heater. That would not be me. ;)

Valley Oak Quilt Guild Opportunity Quilt 2009

And that's it for now. No opossums last night, thank goodness!!

oh! And I bought a quilt from the SAQA Auction. If you want one, I believe tomorrow will be the last day for the last group. Check them out here, they'll disappear quickly if the previous two sets were anything to judge by. Good luck!

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