Monday, December 7, 2009

Funky Chicken

First I'll show you our Christmas lights. They are like nothing, compared to some friends of mine. This is what it looks like with a flash:

I prefer the "night" setting on the camera. More ambiance. Or something.

Remember when we were in Germany, and I saw that piece of yard art that I had to have but passed on? hmmm. Maybe I didn't post about it. That's odd. I'll have to show you...

I was absolutely captivated by this crazy fellow, but not enough to pay 65 euros for him. I've looked everywhere for something like him, but nothing has crossed my radar.

Until Friday night.

I got up on Saturday, and in between one studio and another, I slipped by Lowe's and bought this fine fellow home. He's not as crazy as the parrot-ish bird, but he's metal, he's yard art, and he comes with quite a personality.

It's the little things that personalize a front porch, ya know? ;)

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lifeshighway said...

I very nice find indeed. You need to get a few more things to really set him off and then take a picture and let me see it.