Friday, December 11, 2009

Party Time!

Yesterday marked the beginning of my personal party season. It started with our guild meeting at 11am. Our officers decided to feed us, and what a feast they presented! Last week we received an email suggesting that we bring table settings. My Itty Bitty friends came prepared and set this gorgeous table. The room was transformed from an all-purpose auditorium to a nice pleasant venue for a luncheon. I took this candid shot...I'm sure my friends love it! ;)

From there, I went home. I shipped a package and basted a quilt, and headed off to another party. There's another party tonight. And two more on Monday! I need to get myself organized if I'm going to be coming and going so frequently!

This is the quilt I basted. It's for my daughter's niece, who is due next week. I had the blocks in my orphan block pile. I pulled them out, and they seem to play well together. The picture doesn't show the vibrancy of the colors as they appear in person. It's a happy little quilt, and it drew compliments from the quilters at Thimble Towne, where I basted it.

Today's goal is to quilt this quilt, before heading out for the next party.

Goals are good!

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Deborah said...

Good combination of work and play!