Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This n That

I spent time in the Studio yesterday; I'm starting to think of it as a workshop. I've been finishing a number of projects that have been planned or partially done for months. I'm actually hoping to take them to Arts Visalia, to offer them for sale. Today we'll find out if I meet their standards. A month ago they were interested, but they hadn't seen my wares.

The first thing I did was cover another photo album. I think I have three naked albums left. These are nice albums that hold 4" x 6" pictures, on acid-free paper. :)

I covered this journal months ago, but it needed something. I think the buttons add a nice touch.

This little wallhanging, which Blogger (maybe I should refer to it as Blooger when it tips my pics) tipped, has been waiting for quilting for months as well. Picture it right-side up/left-side down.
It measures 12.25" x 8.5" It's made from leftovers of my "Color Runs" quilts.

Finally, I love these random pictures. Maybe it was the talk of my kids going to see the Treasures of King Tut at the DeYoung, but this sure looked like they were marching a body down the street this weekend. (It's really a Christmas tree.)

And this picture totally cracks me up. I'm disappointed with the glare in the window, but I'll tell you what you're seeing. Charlie was sleeping (of course). Edgar jumped up and started licking him. Then he started biting. Charlie got mad. He hates it when his nappy-time is interrupted. Here he's pushing Edgar off with one back foot and the other back foot and one front paw are poised for action, claws extended. Edgar looks up at the camera. "What?" If you click on the pic, it shows more clearly.

So anyway, that's what I was up to yesterday. I can't wait to see what I come up with today! Have a good one!

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