Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad Cat, etc.

You've met Edgar before. He's beautiful...and he's bad.

For Christmas my sister knit me a BEAUTIFUL pair of mittens. I LOVE these mittens. I wore them to church on Sunday. Edgar found them Tuesday night. He loves them too. In fact, he loves them more than I do. Impossible? Not really. HE tried to eat them!

Not only did he eat a chunk out of the tree trunk, but on the reverse side he nibbled the hem and made another smaller hole. ARG!!

While I admire his taste in mittens, I do NOT admire his TASTING my mittens!!!

Thankfully my sister has volunteered to take a look to see what she can do. Dr. Carla to the rescue! I sent her a picture of Edgar (she's also a cat person). She responded that he is "magnificient!" (yes, he is) and that, btw, the mitten pattern is called "Deep in the Woods." She went on to ask if Edgar is deep in the doodoo. yeah, but it's hard to stay mad at him for long. He's the best specimen of cat that we have in our house, no offense to Charlie, Malcolm, or Hecate...

As with the rest of California, it's been wet around here. But it hasn't been as wet as we were warned it would be. In my opinion, our local storms have been quite orderly, taking turns and drying out in between.

Yesterday I drove east, then south, to Porterville for a meeting. I was the one who kept slowing down and picking up my camera. When I first turned onto Caldwell, I saw this:

The RR crossing and lines are distracting I know, but they give you a sense of how close we are to the Sierras. Ten miles south, and the power lines are now in a distance. The storm is coming in.

Finally, I blindly hit zoom and snapped. There were a couple of peaks in the background that were blinding white with snow. I could look at this every day...if I wanted to drive every day. I don't, and so I post my pics on the blog, where I can look at them whenever I want. (You can click on the pics to enlarge them.)

In the middle of all this rain, our Landscaper's crew has been coming each morning to work until it gets too wet. They've pulled out five trees and the majority of plant life. Yesterday they ripped out the lawn. NOW I can tell that they've done something. If the rain stops, I should have a whole new yard by the end of next week. Be prepared for pictures! :)


quiltedtime said...

Yup, cats are nice, but mine DO get into everything I've got. Mine have certainly "trained" me to hang up my clothing.....Otherwise it becomes a nest.

Tanya said...

Oh dear. Edgar, that is an heirloom mitten you just ate! Why? When there are all those fabric scraps in the waste paper basket!

Lisa Ellis said...

Ack. Why do our cats seem to ruin the thing we care most about? If you are like me, you have plenty of orphan mittens that should have tasted just as fine. Thanks for the beautiful photos of the mountains.