Saturday, January 2, 2010

January Starts With a Bang!

I'm off to a great start this year! Let's hope I don't get tired before I even round the first bend. It's not really a race, it's definitely not a sprint...but I'm off and running and trying to make progress.

That's my focus at this time: To make progress.

I didn't do so well with the 12-Step program, and, as you can see, I've erased it from my sidebar. Time for a start-over. yay!! I liked the concept: to name a Step that I'm stuck on, and work my way through it. It was a great idea, but life happens in the interim. Goals were set and never reached. I ended up discouraged.

I've been visiting various blogs, checking to see how others are facing the new year. I like Deborah's post here. She chooses a word to help her focus for the year. I'm choosing an action. I'm choosing progress. I do hope I make some!!

If the first two days of January are anything to judge by, I might have a productive year.

The foggy day cow quilt top is not only together, it's basted. Quilting will take place next week.

I used some of the leftover strippy scraps to make this basket.

It begins with grey, and works its way through various maroons and blacks. It's quite striking, made in colors I would never have chosen. (That's the back of the basted quilt, in the background.)

Here's more progress. Pete went up on the roof, to take down the Christmas lights. I'm certain he wants to retire. Why else would he be dancing on the roof in the wintertime? If he falls off and breaks something, it would be most difficult to report to work in the morning.

Finally, I just have to show you this picture of Edgar. He looks REGAL. He's grown a fantastic mane this winter, all the better to keep him warm, doncha know? :) (It's almost twice as big as he is!)

And there you go. It's January, it's 2010, and I'm making progress. Yay!!


Deborah said...

Great progress! Edgar is gorgeous, he looks like you just brushed him, although if he's like my cat that isn't something he would let you do. Thanks for the mention!

quiltedtime said...

Great cows! I like the composition--with not the same number of cows per line, and some facing a different way. Makes it much more interesting.