Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival

Well that's a tiny picture!

I cropped it down, to eliminate some of the file size. I wonder how big it will be when you click on it? Hopefully a lot bigger!

My friend Lisa Ellis sent me some pictures from M-AQF, taken this weekend. I particularly like this one, although I don't know who made two of the quilts. I can't read the signs. The second one is mine, and the fourth is Lisa's. How thoughtful of the Mancusos to hang our quilts near each other!

That's all I've got for you today.

Entries for Best of the Valley have closed, and the show will be juried next week. That clock is ticking, and I'm going to have to really get ready. We're going to have a quilt show!


Penny said...

Nice!! I need to run a search to see if I can find some more pictures. Before we moved, I sometimes go to go to that show and it is a good one.

Deborah said...