Friday, March 5, 2010

Del Quilts

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with fellow blogger, Del Quilts. She was in Hanford, to give the program for the Common Threads Quilt Guild. Del has a contemporary quilt collection that is unrivaled. Her taste is not limited, and work from quilters all over the world has found its way into her possession.

For an hour or so, our eyes feasted on quilts that are often only seen in books or online. It was absolutely delightful. Is it possible to over-indulge in quilt adoration? I don't think so. I want more. :)

Here is Del, with "Summer Lily" by Ruth McDowell.

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know I'm a HUGE fan of Ruth's work, and Ruth. I love, love, love this quilt, and it was a treat to see it in person.

The first time I took a class with Ruth, Del was also enrolled. One afternoon we walked into the classroom, and Ruth had her quilts displayed for us to marvel at. I saw one that I was smitten with. I looked up the price and started thinking. How could I explain to my husband that I just HAD to have this quilt? As I walked through the rest of the quilts, I was obsessed. I was going to just have to figure something out. Should I ask him first?

It didn't matter. When I'd just about decided that I could swing this quilt and get away with it, Ruth mentioned that the quilt had been sold. Sold? Who bought it? I had no idea.

Aha! Last night I found out who bought that quilt! Del made a point of telling us that if you see a quilt that you really LOVE, you should buy it. If you don't move quickly enough, someone else might snatch it up from under your finger tips. If you haven't figured it out yet, Del is the loving owner of Ruth's Cineraria quilt. Next time I will move faster. ;)

This table reads like Who's Who of quilting. Off the top I could identify Ruth Powers, Melody Johnson, Nancy Brown and Franki Kohler. (See that gingko quilt? I wanted it last year. Guess Who beat me to it! Not this year. I bought Franki's 2009 gingko quilt. See? I learned that lesson! ;) Although the top row is upside down, if you use your imagination, you'll know they are amazing!
Top row, l-r, Quenching Rain - Melody Johnson, How Could You Leave Us - Ruth Powers,
Haiku - Karen Stiehl Osborn, Gingkoes II - Franki Kohler, A Predictable Attraction - B.J.Adams
Bottom row, l-r, Don't Piss Off The Fairies - Ruth Powers, Yellow-headed Blackbird - Ruth Powers, Laurel Leaves - Terry Grant, Beaded House - Sally Sellers, Henry - Nancy Brown

Finally, I can't resist one more picture of "Fort Morrison Jerseys," another of Ruth McDowell's quilts. I actually saw this one in person the first time I met Del. She was gracious enough to bring it to class, especially for my enjoyment. My husband is a dairy vet. He was FASCINATED by the quilt. "WOW!! She even got the stanchions right!" (Of course he was looking at the structure of the dairy, not the quilt, per se.)

I love Debbie's "pose" here. I'm not sure who's studying whom. Do those cows look real or what?!!!

All I can say is that last night was an incredible experience. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Del and hearing her talk about each quilt. If any guild out there is looking for an inspirational "trunk show," I highly recommend giving her a call. You won't be disappointed. :)


Barbara said...

I agree - Del was very good. Not only does she have incredible quilts to show, she is very funny.

Deborah said...

That must have been a wonderful experience!