Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gravid Garden

Inside the house, Malcolm, Edgar and Charlie are all tuckered out. This is the usual scene, day after day after day.

What makes them so tired? I am certain that when I am not looking, they sneak into the Studio and wreck havoc. I have proof. I opened the door last week and found this:

I don't remember dumping all that junk all over my sewing table. It must have been the cats. They're in cahoots.

Sometimes they go outside and make mischief out there. Edgar showed up yesterday morning, quite pleased with himself. He'd been playing in the neighbor's sprinkler.

Edgar, you look silly like that. All magnificence flies out the window when your mane is wet.

But enough about cats. I promised Garden. Look at this!! I do believe the bird of paradise is going to bloom. oh. hey. Are those cannas, invading from the back side of the fence? I believe they are...

Is this a different strain of bird of paradise? Or does redder mean riper and closer to actually blooming?

More iris promising more spectacular color.

I've been monitoring this yellow one for days. When are you going to bloom? I am sure you are my lost buttercup yellow baby. Are you? Are you? When are you going to bloom?


Who are you and where did you come from?!!! I don't recognize this at all. This must be one of the plants I bought a few years back at the Porterville Iris Festival. Only one of the four bloomed, and I thought they'd all either died or been pulled out. I'm so glad I was wrong!!

And there you go. I'm watching the buds as they get bigger and bigger. One of these days the garden will explode and EVERYTHING will be color, right? Or not. I don't know. It's all new to me this year. I'll keep you posted.


Deborah said...

What an amazing photo of them sleeping together! i can just imagine the mischief they can get into.

Tanya said...

I thought all cats hated water! I've never heard of a cat "playing" in a sprinkler. Edgar is as handsome as always.