Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Home Stretch

Despite the surprise downpour yesterday, more progress was made on the yard. I'll give you the guided tour of what is FINISHED.

This is the strip between our house and the neighbors. The only new plants are three fortnight lilies around the tree. The geraniums, irises, daffodils and dutch iris were all transplanted from the other side of the yard. This used to be a strip lawn, DIRT, and scraggly looking bushes. Notice the new FUNCTIONING gate in the background. I LOVE it!!

This is what I call my "secret garden." It's right next to the front door. The calla lilies, sword fern and Japanese maple were already here, although the maple was transplanted from in front of my Studio window. We've added azaleas, a couple of day lilies, liriope and coral bells (a type of geranium). I don't know what to expect, but I hope everything GROWS. It looks pretty sparse right now. (Imagine a rock fountain near the tri-stone area. It's under discussion.)

This is the window of my Studio. (See the van reflected in the glass?) When I look out, I now see a gingko tree. The rocks are new. One of them reminds me of a mini-Half Dome. There are azaleas against the house and ferns in front of them. The almost invisible plant in front of the tree is a rose bush. The irises were mine. Everything else is new. We've switched to drip irrigation, to seriously reduce water usage. (Not that we used that much before. If you saw our yard in the summer, you know that other than the lawn, it was primarily scorched earth...)

Today they will finish up with the sprinkler repair and bark. They also need to grade the lawn area. If the weather cooperates, we will be getting sod tomorrow. If we finish, I might just go into shock. This has been quite the project. I must have been crazy to go with this. Everything looks so BARE. Grow, little plants, grow!!! Think green thoughts, and reach for the sky!! I miss my overgrown mess. oh well. Change is good, right?

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Artist Within said...

Your yard looks beautiful. I'm jealous. Mines just full of weeds.