Friday, March 5, 2010

It Is Finished

Well folks, we have a yard. Yesterday, Mario & Co. put in the sod, washed up and left. I can't believe they're done. It looks neat and tidy and bare. I miss my mess. I miss the green, I miss the flowers. Maybe I should pull up a picture, and see what it is that I really miss.

Hmmm. UGLY bush, dead birch trees between us and the neighbors.

Overgrown gardenia (that looks SO much better on the other side of the driveway), out-of-control Rose of Sharon, bare dirt and bulb garden in desperate need of thinning. On second thought, maybe I don't miss it so much.

I am assured that the new plants will grow, and that at this time next year, it won't look so bare. "All it needs is water." Well, we've got that. I could see the mountains this morning, and you know what that means. Once again there's a storm on the horizon. I'd better batten down the hatches or at least bail the pool.

hmmm. Maybe I DO like this better.

Next month, I'll start thinking about annuals. It's almost Spring!

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