Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pop! and other things

I spent the morning in the lovely town of Porterville, visiting with the Porterville Quilters. I didn't just visit, I was their program. I've been there more than once, but this was the first time I've noticed this statue on the corner of Henderson and Main. Has it always been there? Why have I never seen him? He's very impressive.

Salute the Farmer
Porterville, CA

As I said, I was the program. I don't do a lot of programs, simply because I'm not often asked. I usually present a trunk show, but today they asked for something different.

Because I am Chairman of Best of the Valley, they thought I might know what judges think. hmmm. Does anyone really know what judges think? Or do we just know what we get in our comment sheets? ;)

I thought the best way to find out would be to take some of my show quilts, find the judging sheets from various shows, and let the quilters decide for themselves. I actually think they had fun. I know I did. I could send the same quilt to two different shows. One judge would say "tight, secure applique," the next would say, "applique stitches need to be secure."

If you're going to enter a lot of shows (which I've definitely done over the past 20 years), you need to develop both a bit of a shell and a sense of humor. Here's proof of my morning's work. (Thank you, Wanda!)

But I'm guessing what you're really wondering about is the "pop!" I noticed it late this afternoon, as I was washing dishes. It did it!!! The iris that began to bud in the garage survived the trauma and bloomed today.

Welcome little iris, I am SO happy to see you!!!!


quiltedtime said...

Trying to predict judges is like herding gnats! Just when I am really sure which is the best of the two or three quilts I generally enter in a show, I have to make an adjustment in my thinking. This just happened yesterday when I got a call from the Glendale Quilt Show about the final placings. The quilt I thought wouldn't place did the best. Hmmmmmm........I couldn't sleep most of the night because I was so confused.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being asked to come in and be the expert. I bet you had fun and I'd love to hear your talk sometime.
I know, I'll suggest one of the guilds down here have you come and it will be coming back to your hometown!


Kay said...

I think this is a terrific idea for a program. It might help overcome the fear of judges that some people have by putting the whole thing in perspective.

Peggy said...

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Thanks for your lovely blog!

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