Monday, March 8, 2010

Shopping at a Quilt Show

On Saturday I headed north, to see the San Joaquin Valley Quilt Guild's quilt show. I'm not sure how many quilts they had, but it seemed like a relatively small show.

It may have been small, but they had vendors. Like any concerned American, I did my best to stimulate the economy. Translation: I went shopping. :)

The first thing I bought was wool yarn. It may or may not become a gift. That will be decided at a future point in time. I loved the colors and had to have them, ergo, money exchanged hands, as did the wool. :)

For some reason I liked this chunk of "vintage" fabric. Don't ask me why or what for. I bought it. I also liked the handmade ceramic buttons.

August was the first time I bought silk, other than for my wedding dress. But, I really enjoyed making that valentine for my husband, so I've decided that I need more silk, just in case. Check out these beautiful fat quarters. (I bought 1/2 yard of the royal blue.)

The silk seemed like the perfect backdrop for the little handmade flower beads. What? You can't see them?

How about a close-up? If they look familiar, they should. I bought some from the same artist, at the Bakersfield show in January.

Finally, I "needed" these kalimbas. yeah, I know. Not the usual purchase from a quilt show but hey. They called (sang) my name. I couldn't just leave them there.

And there you go. That's what I brought home from the quilt show. It seems like there might have been more, but I'm not sure what it was. Perhaps I'll find another bag here or there. If I do, I'll show you later.

But now? It's time to get back to work on our show. Catch you later!


quiltedtime said...

Mmmmmmm.........Gorgeous silk! Isn't shopping at shows so much fun?

Deborah said...

I love your purchases. Sounds like a lot of fun.