Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday's Guild Meeting

Most of the things that I have been busy doing have been quilt related. They just don't involve much quilting on my part. It's getting to be mostly quilt show, most of the time. I can't believe it's in less than a month!

Yesterday's guild speaker was Ellen Edith. I had never heard of her (I hope it's not rude to say that), so I wasn't expecting anything much. oh my! What a hoot! I thoroughly enjoyed her program. She gave a slide show presentation of her autobiographical story quilts, then had the quilts there in person for us to enjoy. She gave us permission to photograph them, so I took a couple of shots to share with you.

This first illustrates how they get the cats out of the house when they leave for an extended period of time. Apparently calling, "Here, Kitty, Kitty" causes them to hide under the bed. But if they burst into song, singing "Rawhide," the cats head for the door and demand to be let out. She's not sure if it's the song or their singing. ;)

The other quilt I took a picture of celebrates her sister's cat. We've all had a cat like this. She goes hunting outside, then brings her "treasure" inside the house and lets it go...always still alive. It's called "Violet's Catch and Release Program," and there are mice and birds hidden all over the quilt.

After Ellen Edith's presentation, she gave away some prizes. Apparently when I was out of the room, she called my name. I was thrilled to win this little fabric flower fairy and the cat magnets. How did she know? One of the magnets says, "Cats love a good quilt." (I think Blogger is jealous - it flipped the photo.)

I still had a few minutes at break, so I did some shopping. I've never seen her fabric designs before, and I thought I could have some fun with these cats.

I also liked this sunset-y fabric and the matching cactus print. The "relax with a 6-pack" bookmarks were too good to pass up.

When I got home, a package was waiting for me. I'd ordered a pin cushion from the Silly Boodilly's Etsy shop. I LOVE the quilting on it. You should see it in person. The texture is fantastic. Again Blogger must be jealous, flipping my picture!

Finally, I did a small amount of quilting this week. Very small. Yesterday was Elaine's birthday, so I made her this card. She's a fantastic gardener, so I wanted to do something garden-y. It's kind of ironic that I decided to add a thistle, since they're weeds. But they are purple, and it matched. What can I say? It's artistic license, doncha know? ;)

Here she is, yesterday. She seems to like it.

I asked her to pose in front of some of the irises that we've taken from our yard. I have now dispersed HUNDREDS of them throughout the county. I expect to see them planted and blooming next year, everywhere I go. :) If not, oh well. The ones I kept will grow...eventually.

Have a great weekend!!!


Deborah said...

Nice birthday card. I hadn't heard of her either but she sounds interesting. Some of her fabric reminds me of Laurel Burch, one of my favorites.

Penny said...

Love those cards and I agree with Deborah that some of the fabric has a Laurel Burch look.