Monday, March 15, 2010

Zoom Zoom

We took a quick trip up to the Bay Area over the weekend, to deliver the piano.

That meant that once it had been dusted and vacuumed we had to get it back into the van. Surprisingly enough, we were able to do it with 3 people and 2 mover's dollies. The miracles of Physics...or something

This was our destination: Yes, the sky was REALLY that blue!!

We brought one of the boys and met another of them there. And then it was moving time.

It was a bit of a challenge to get the piano out of the van and onto the sidewalk. The easy part was rolling it to the elevator and to the condo. The biggest challenge was deciding where to put it. First it went here, then over there, then down there. I think this picture was taken after the third relocation. This corner originally held a very full book shelf and the couch. We flip-flopped the entire contents of the room. These guys were awaiting their next set of instructions.

The contents of this wall went to the other side of the room. Once there, everything was too regimented. When we moved the piano at an angle, the menfolk didn't seem to like it so much, but it looked very welcoming. Somehow I missed getting a picture of its final resting spot.

However I did get a picture of this guy, in the space behind the piano. Hey! We're missing a set of muscles! Where can they be hiding? (He has a tendency to pull up a piece of carpet and take a nap.)

The other task accomplished on Saturday was to deliver a belated birthday card. Happy 23rd, Daniel!!

And I think that's all I've got for you. Hopefully I'll have more this week...

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