Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gasping for Air

I can't believe how much time has passed since I last posted. It seems like forever and a day! Last week I was still working on quilt show wrap-up, this week I'm supposed to be doing the same...but I've been hijacked.

My husband and a good friend have decided that what I REALLY should be doing with my mornings is working out at the gym. I am NOT a fan of gyms, never have been, probably never will be. But both of them think this place is better than the cat's pajamas, so who am I do deny them the pleasure of working me over on a daily basis?

My son tells me that at the end of two weeks I'll feel "better." I was actually feeling pretty good before we started this nonsense. :)

Going to the gym keeps me from the computer in the mornings, and my work has not been getting done. Afternoons were once used for sewing. Instead, I've been using them to try to clear out my garage and find my desk.

Today I couldn't take it any more. I HAVE to get back to my sewing machine. I started with making labels, like this...

I didn't make many, but I'm up to date on the few shows I've entered this year. Like this...

I want to sew, but my table is filled to overflowing with mess. I've loaded the bobbin and threaded the needle. Call me crazy, but I think I'm going to sew a few strips without clearing off any more of this mess. (And if you think this is bad, just be glad that I didn't take the picture yesterday or the day before!!!)

On a more encouraging note, in the evenings I've been working on my Hoffman Challenge. I am VERY happy with my entry so far this year, and I'm truly enjoying the handwork. Hurrah for simple pleasures!

If only I could finish clearing off my desk and get to some serious quilting. Unfortunately it's going to be a while!!

P.S. I've posted the last of the "big" winners on the Best of the Valley blog. Click here to see them all...Enjoy!!


quiltedtime said...


You're one of the few brave and honest souls who will not only admit that their sewing table is a little untidy but will show pictures as well. This makes me feel not quite so bad. I thought I would just do a little creating in my dining room area. Now I have not only hung a huge sheet of double-wide butcher paper (with 220 blocks pinned to it) where a proper finished quilt used to hang....I WILL eventually get all those blocks sewn together. I also have a fabric painting project gracing most of the table top. That is in addition to the design board propped up against on wall. And a box of fabric sitting on the floor.

I would like to invite some folks in for a visit, but.....No, better not right now:-0.

Anonymous said...

I'm like you and many others who, have several sewing projects going on at the same time. I suppose the table is a mess, but maybe I sew better in a mess, I don't know. I should clean it all up and sew with only 1 project out and see how that feels.

Suzie, we all love to see your sewing proliferation....

Tanya said...

You at the gym me at the swimming pool. Our hearts are at the sewing machine.