Monday, April 26, 2010

Not All Cats Welcome Here

This is my cat


and this is my cat,Edgar
and this is my cat

and this is my cat

and this is NotMyCat.

This is NOT my Siamese cat,

This is NOT my black cat

and this is NOT my nasty neutered cat...

The last time I saw nasty neutered cat was more than a year ago when he looked like this...

I did not expect him to come calling again, but I guess he hasn't got anything else to lose... ;)

What do they think this is? A Cat Spa?


quiltedtime said...
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quiltedtime said...

You know, I kinda like Nasty Cat. He looks like he's got spunk. Of course, it he lived in my neighborhood, my opinion would be a little different. We have a scroungy orange tomcat that patrols our street, and he's always trying to pick a fight. I wish his mother would keep him home and brush his coat. She keeps her dogs in beautiful condition; why not her cat?

Barbara said...

Looks like you're feeding the neighborhood cats. Either they are starving or you just have better food than their owners. Very nice of you to share!

pb said...

You are becoming the "cat lady" I would never have thought that.

Tanya said...

I love seeing all your cats and not your cats. I take it that having the visitors doesn't send you into a tailspin like it does me. I've seen another one around my yard too and already I'm biting my fingernails...