Thursday, April 1, 2010

Silence Means It's Quilt Show Time!

Yes folks, it's April. And no foolin', we're going to have a quilt show. Tick Tick Tick... The quilts will be received on Monday. For an update on what I've been doing, you can check the show blog here. There are pictures, along with an introduction to 2010 show parking.

Around the house, the yard is adjusting to its transformation. My secret garden is enjoying the warmer (70's) weather, and the Japanese Maple has leafed out. The lilies didn't mind the transplant, and the azaleas are blooming. On the right are the coral bells (a type of geranium), as well as the orchid that began blooming in January. It still looks acceptable, although no longer its best.

The gingkos have also pushed out leaves. They are the most curious trees I've ever seen. I've never examined them closely. No wonder people are captivated by them! The irises in front are getting a bit over-watered. I'm trying to take care of that, but so far, no buds or blooms. Notice the gerberas that we planted over the weekend. I thought warm weather was here, then it dropped to 41 overnight. oops.

Look what I found along the fence. I love these things. They are gorgeous in their milky whiteness.

In the back, the bird of paradise has popped. It seems to be appropriately named. It does look like some sort of crazy bird to me.

And finally, I can't resist another picture of this iris. They are so few and far between this year, I need to document every minute. ;)

That's all for now folks. I'll likely be hard to find next week, unless you're looking for me in Lindsay. We've got a quilt show coming up, on your mark, get set, GO!!

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