Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Finish!

Over the weekend, I put together another baby quilt. Yesterday, I attached the binding. A few hours in front of the TV, and voila! It's finished!

Once again, it feels REALLY good to finish something.

However, finishing UFO's in general, is not my current goal. My current goal is to finish my Ruth McDowell project from 2007. I'm trying to quilt a minimum of 2 hours each day, beginning yesterday. Yesterday, I was able to exceed that goal by an hour. I'm not convinced that I'll finish before the end of the month, but that's my goal. Finish this quilt!!

I have other projects that will also be in the rotation, but when I'm quilting, I'll be quilting on this one. I haven't touched it today, but I did clean out a cupboard trying to reclaim my studio. I'm off for a bite of lunch, then back to the Studio to log those hours.

Stay tuned. I'll be posting progress reports. :)


Tanya said...

I need to put your quilting minimum into my schedule too. Two hours...? Wow. I wish! Maybe I'll get off this computer and put in 30 minutes right now!

pb said...

You go girl!! I am rooting for youl.