Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Where to begin? How about with another baby quilt? I finished one last night, after I finished binding my Ruth McDowell project. I promise pictures, I have not been able to set up a place that has enough light to take them. Cross off another UFO. hip, hip, hoorah!!

Today felt like a lazy day. I had a quilt-for-hire to work on (you haven't heard that for a while, have you?) but I didn't. Instead I puttered. I told you I finished my project. Finishing involved a lot of trimming in the effort to make it square. I saved the scraps and reassembled them to make this.

And this

The first measures approximately 4.5" x 9", the second 3.75" x 6.125". To find the influence in making these two unconventional items, check Deborah's blog. She does everything by hand, I did everything (except the beads) by machine, but she's my inspiration.

As I said, it was a lazy day. Edgar and Charlie spent HOURS sleeping on the cat perch. I had to take pictures. They looked adorable. (I think I got Edgar with the flash. Either that or he's winking at me.)

Finally, you'll remember that we redid the yard? Some of the plants in the back have bothered me since the day they were planted. I've waited months for them to "grow on me," but they haven't. There were 9 silver liriope planted in the back. yuck. They look like native plants or desert plants. They do not "feel" like the tropics, which was what I wanted.

Yesterday I bought some dwarf agapanthus (Peter Pan), today I replaced a few of the liriope.

Here are the three I pulled out:

In this picture, you can see the remaining liriope in the center. Directly behind it, at midnight and 10 o'clock are two Peter Pan replacements. ahhh. Don't they look SO much better?!!

I call this my "Dr. Seuss Corner." These plants just look Seuss-y. The sago had 5 liriope in a semi-circle surrounding it. I've replaced the first one (on the left) with a Peter Pan. Again, SO much better!

Until I replaced the plants, the first thing that caught my eye every time I looked out back was the shriveled up liriope. The Peter Pans? I don't even notice them, which is a beautiful thing. Tomorrow I will be buying 6 more. I can hardly wait!

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