Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Few Finishes

I know I promised a picture of the quilt that Pat gave me. I haven't had a chance to take a decent photo. Instead, I'll entertain you with these.

The first is Cat Detente.

Charlie is on the left, NotMyCat (now aka "Buzz") seem to have come to an agreement. A four bush barrier between the two of them does wonders. Without it, Buzz has a hissy. He's not a fan of cats, unless they are him.

I actually made a birthday card this week. Unfortunately the birthday was last month. I completely missed several April birthdays. They're still on the list, but I'm trying to focus on quilting my McDowell project.

So she says as she shows another just-finished baby quilt. *sigh*

The way I cut my Double 4-patch quilts, I end up with 32 blocks. It only takes 30 to make a quilt. Every 15 baby quilts yields an extra quilt, of the scrappy variety. I was right. There have been a lot of babies born recently!!!

I spent several hours yesterday quilting on my big quilt and another couple of hours today. If I could get 5 days of serious quilting time, in theory, I could get this quilt finished, or at least to the binding stage. Now that goal is not just good, it's Tony the Tiger GRRRREAT!! I really do want to see this quilt finished and submitted to shows. Seriously. What good is setting a goal repeatedly, if I just put it back on the shelf? Not good at all. This time I'm going to REALLY try to meet it. Goals are good.

I couldn't help myself. ;) If I don't post, hopefully I'm engaged in some hard core quilting. ;)

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