Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quilting and Shopping

I've already put 2 hours of quilting into my May project today, and it's not yet 1pm. yay! I will probably (hopefully) get another couple of hours in before dinner time. Right now, I'm taking a break.

First thing this morning, I zipped by the quilt store. As I was chatting, a quilt on the shelf caught my eye. "Seriously?!! She's selling this quilt?" I love this quilt. Although it was made from a pattern, and I don't do patterns, I can appreciate a good quilt when I see one. I sat across the table from Kathy as she pieced this top at retreat a few years ago. I loved it then, I love it now.

I checked the price tag, dropped my jaw, and whipped out my checkbook before they could change their minds.

I know. I don't need any more quilts. But this one is a lot of fun, and it's nothing like anything I make. I guess that's my criteria for buying a quilt. Do I love it? Would I make it? If the answers are absolutely and never, and the price is right, I seem to come home with it.

Del? Were you contagious? I think I caught the collection bug... ;)


quiltedtime said...

I like it, too :-).

Why is it that we feel we need to justify our purchases? Just yesterday, I was at a quilt store buying some fat quarters to balance out the colors in a work in progress. That was just fine with me since I am really excited about the project. HOWEVER, the clerk at the store said with a snide look on her face, "Oh, are those for your STASH?" I couldn't believe my ears. It's not that I shop at that particular store very often. She should be happy I was buying $20 worth of fat quarters.

My motto long as my bills get paid and I am not buying on credit...I can have as many toys as I want.

"Nuf said.

Del said...

Oh, I like this one a LOT and I probably would have purchased it, given the chance. Good choice. And I agree with your criteria, there are a few in the TCQC that I could have made, but not with the same verve. You know, though, this doesn't look much like a Ruth McD class project. Del

Deborah said...

This is beautiful! Good decision!

Tanya said...

Beautiful quilt. I love the pieced leaves and the sparkling colors.