Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Pictures

Malcolm is my inside cat. To put it simply, he's obnoxious. He is always complaining about something. His usual demands are for more food - he's a glutton - or to go outside. Sometimes we give him what he asks for, when he is being especially pestiferous. Yesterday was one of those days. The minute he was out, he wanted back in. Here he is, in usual form, with his mouth wide open. You are lucky this photo is not accompanied by sound. He's such a whiner.

He could have stopped whining and walked across the yard to see the Bird of Paradise that continues to delight with its plumage.

Inside, I've finished the quilting on my Ruth McDowell project. It was a bit warpy, so I washed it before binding. Here it's not whitewater, it's bathwater, haha. It didn't dry until Saturday night, and by then it was too late to do anything about it. It still needs to be cut square and bound. I will not be meeting the Houston deadline. oh well. Goals are good and the quilt WILL be finished this week.

Finally, I promised pictures of the quilt that Pat made for me. I love it. I saw it when she was putting it together, and apparently gushed a lot. She says it's the only quilt she's made that I like. She's wrong about that - I've even asked about buying another quilt that she made. But, if it was her mistaken impression that caused her to give it to me, well, I'm not complaining. I LOVE this quilt!!

You probably can't tell, but I had the camera on a table. I set it for 10 seconds, then ran over and sat down. I think the first one is the best one of the quilt, the second is the best one of me. Four tries, and we're done. We wouldn't want the neighbors to think I'm a narcissist now, would we?


Deborah said...

You took these photos yourself? They're great! I love the one you have on the blog now.

Anonymous said...

very lovely picture of you and the quilt!


Del said...

I thought the first one was a reference to the Cheshire Cat - just the quilt and the smile. Lovely colors, lovely quilt, lovely you! Looking forward to the RMcD quilt finished. Del

Tanya said...

That is an ABSOLUTELY GOREGOUS QUILT! Please tell your friend pat that it is a beauty! I noticed it right away when you profile picture popped up just now.. Hey, is that a new picture? What spectacular colors!"