Monday, May 10, 2010

Today's List

1. Sew together blue/gold Log Cabin blocks to finish top. check. Lay aside and deal with border decisions later.

2. Make labels, one for DNQF, another for baby quilt, "This quilt made especially for..." check.

3. Zip over to Thimble Towne and baste two baby quilts. check.

4. Zip home and sew label on baby quilt. Wrap package. Put by door so that it will be delivered tomorrow. check.

5. Go to Art Group meeting/dinner. I have nothing to share, unless you want to see my "to do" list. check.

6. Come home, catch 24 - Jack! WHAT do you think you're doing?!!! - and put in an hour of hand applique on my Hoffman Challenge. check.

That's why I'm not posting much. I'm running around in circles, not making a lot of visible progress.

My rafting quilt? I haven't touched it since Thursday. Good thing tomorrow is another day!!

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