Monday, May 17, 2010

Today's List...with pictures

7:30-9am Work on applique for 2010 Hoffman Challenge.

9:30am - Head to Thimble Towne for thread to continue quilting Ruth McDowell project. React to news that Mettler and Sulky are being closed out of inventory by buying more thread than planned.

10am - return home. And discover a big fat nail in my tire. Get back in the car and get that fixed.

noon - finally get to work on quilting water. Blogger is not impressed, ergo flips my photo.

4pm Turn quilt over, to see if the back looks okay. yay. It looks okay.

5pm - rain stops, take time to smell the roses. And get a belly laugh from the Bird of Paradise that most definitely reminds me of a surprised bunny rabbit.

Now it's time to cook dinner. And this evening? At 8pm? Pick up Hoffman Challenge and get back to work.

Tomorrow? More of the same, only - hopefully - without the nail in the tire!!


Del said...

You may have heard this little story before....
One of Ruth's quilts has small triangles appliqued on the back - like confetti. When I commented on it she told me that when people see that she has a tuck on the back of one of her quilts they always have to comment. So, she started covering them with the triangles and everyone thinks she is so clever with her "back art".

Deborah said...

Hope things get better! That is a gorgeous bird of paradise!